2023 began unexpectedly difficult due to a serious health condition (and surgery), but now it’s fine - I just need to keep track of regular monitoring/tests. The first month resonated with the rest of this year. However, I managed to do quite a lot of stuff this year. I admit that I was unable to maintain regular activity in my blog, falling to Twitter/Mastodon, Newsletter, and others. What else?


I managed to do the big thing - publish a book Philosophy of Cybersecurity (CRC, 2023). It took a lot of work, time, and experience. But the result is a good overview of the broad field that cybersecurity is today, from cybersecurity to cyberwarfare, from technology to policy. The unfortunate event mentioned in the first sentence of this post contributed to a decision to write a second book, which I’m now finishing, and hopefully, it will be released in 2024. Unsurprisingly, its main theme will not be cybersecurity. It is also more lengthy.

Information Technology Law LL.M.

I did it at the University of Edinburgh. While I started in 2021, the finale and graduation were this year. I will make the text of my dissertation analysis public soon in 2024. The topic is very timely, especially for 2024 and the next few years. With implications for technology, policy, and law. Last but not least, I extended my strong scientific and technology foundations with a law degree.

About Me

I worked to keep it low or not spoken of for my entire student/work time. But I went out on the record about being a person with a disability (hearing issue).

I realise that such stories aren't common in our community. I hope that my written story of my life may serve as an additional perspective to others. For example, to other people with comparable difficulties.


I also made a few commenting contributions, for example those.


I will continue work on technology, technology policy, regulations, aspects of law, and technology standardisation. That’s a selection, of course. Oh, and a book.